Make no mistake about it, each state in the US has a significant problem with driving under the influence.

Each state in the US dealt with more than just a few hundred arrests stemming directly from drivers operating their vehicles under the influence of alcohol or narcotics (or both), and some of them – some which may surprise you – have had to deal with thousands and thousands of these arrests annually.

Though as a culture the US is certainly moving away from drinking and driving (the rate of DUI arrests has never been lower than it is today), it is still a significant issue that states, local communities, and neighborhoods are all struggling to get a handle on.

While many of the larger states in the United States have the most arrests for driving under the influence, there are a couple of surprising states out there that seem to have an issue of almost epidemic proportions on their hands.

Let’s get right into the heart of things!


Which states have the most instances of DUI arrests?

With almost 215,000 DUI arrests in 2013 alone, California is easily sitting atop the “leaderboard” when it comes to this problem – and second place isn’t even close.

However, with a population of just north of 37 million people (easily one of the most populated states in the US), these instances are to be expected and anticipated. According to Sacramento County DUI Lawyer Michael Rehm, one of the main counties with a DUI problem is Sacramento, the high rate reflects more on the lack of public transportation in California, than the culture of California. If you would have been able to predict though that the pure amount of DUI arrests (about 215,000) would be more than double the “second place finisher”.

Second-place belongs to Texas, with nearly 91,000 DUI arrests in 2013. They have a state population of around 26 million people (about 11 million less than California), which points to California having a significantly larger problem than most any other state in the US.

Which states are considered to be the most dangerous when it comes to drunk driving accidents?

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If we are going by flat numbers, California would be a dead ringer for being the most dangerous state in the US as far as DUI and drunk driving arrests are concerned.

However, some of the smaller states (Vermont, Washington, Wyoming, Oregon, and a handful of others) are also dealing with serious and significant alcohol abuse and driving issues.

The Northeast in particular – as well as the Northwest – have tremendous DUI arrest rates, which is pretty surprising considering the fact that both of these regions are home to some of the smallest states in the union.

The silver lining of this problem is probably that there are so many arrests for DUI because these states are taking the problem seriously and taking proactive steps to curb it as much as possible.

Which states in the US are the safest?

The safest state in the US as far as DUIs are concerned is probably Kansas, though the District of Columbia would definitely give Kansas a run for its money.

Drunk driving arrests are happening at an almost historically low rate across the board though, which definitely shows our culture trending away from this social issue that has almost always plagued us.


The given data is a list of auto accidents in the U.S by year.

  • In 2000, the total number of people who died in a car accident is 41,945 while distance travelled is 2,747 billion miles.
  • In 2001, the total number of people who died in a car accident is 42,196 while distance travelled is 2797 billion miles.
  • In 2002, the total number of people who died in a car accident is 43,005 while distance travelled is 2,856 billion miles.
  • In 2005, the total number of people who died in a car accident is 43,510 while distance travelled is 2989 billion miles.
  • In 2008, the total number of people who died in a car accident is 37,423 while distance travelled is 2,977 billion miles.
  • In 2010, the total number of auto accidents was 5,419,000, which almost killed 32,999 people and injured approx. 2,239,000 people.
  • In 2011, the total number of auto accidents decreased to 32,479. It was the lowest record in the last 62 years history.
  • In 2012, the number of accidents took place were 30,800 in which a total number of 92 people were killed.
  • The decrement in death was 14.97% in the years from 1979 to 2005.
  • Till now, if we collect all the data and get to obtain a final statistics of people killed, crashes and people injured are more than the population. However, the number of people killed in accidents is 3,551,332 till 2012.


The states in the U.S. which have the most auto accidents:

  • Mississippi is the one with highest number of accidents. It causes almost 1000 deaths per year.
  • Montana is the second one; the accidents are so fatal that it costs $2million medical expenses. It includes 225 deaths a year.
  • Alabama is the third, one worst road danger with high work loss and life loss.
  • Wyoming is the fourth, the accidents here are not much fatal but it also crosses a hundreds.
  • Arkansas is the fifth, here the accidents of a year results in a total loss of $617million.
  • South Carolina has one of the highest death rises to 944 per year.
  • Louisiana, here out of every 100,000 accidents, there are 20 people who die.
  • West Virginia, it has the lowest medical costs than any other states, it’s around $2.9million.
  • Oklahoma, the accidents are minor due to traffic but the life taken by these are 700 per year.
  • Kentucky, it stands last, at least safe from losing life or sticking with a lifetime medical expenses but not so far, it has 784 death tolls a year and a total bill of $800 million of medical expenses.


However, another analysis shows that the most awkward drive is in the roads of Honolulu. Drivers wasted almost 58 hours of their life living in this great city.